Private Viewing of Sculptures by Richard Minns, creator of The Atlas Award, featuring The Atlas Shrugged Quadrilogy, which illustrates the philosophy of Ayn Rand and her Classic book:
Atlas Shrugged.

Thursday, May 25, 18:00
ART MARKET  3 HaTa'arucha St. 
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Speech by Dr Yaron Brook, Director of Ayn Rand Institute on
“Value of Entrepreneurship”. 


"I met Richard Minns when he first made Aliyah and moved to Israel. An extremely muscular, tanned American, bursting with life and vitality, who looked 25 years younger than his actual age.

Richard had trained in painting and sculpture at the Hampstead Academy in London and then at Avni Art Institute in Jaffa, Israel. He was in search of a Sculpture Academy capable of furthering his desire to excel in anatomical sculpture. It was my pleasure to introduce Richard to my friend and colleague David Zundelovitch, the founding director of Israel’s BASIS SCHOOL, a school run by some of the finest Russian sculptors I have known. I was his translator since Russian is my native language. Richard soared at the Basis School, completing the five-year course in two years. I have never seen someone of any age progress so fast. Although he started sculpture late in life, Richard was born to be a sculptor.

When Richard works, he works with intense, absolute concentration. He literally becomes part of his sculpture, and nothing else exists. We can be in the same studio all day and unless Richard needs something, not a word is said. It is as if his very soul is captured in his creation. He becomes its willing prisoner, and his soul will not be set free until the sculpture is finished.

Like the Old Masters, Richard knows and understands anatomy and he literally worships the human body. He is passionate, demanding, and his whole personality goes into his sculptures.

Richard has created his own sculptural language: realistic and physical, highly charged with emotion and movement, conveying sexuality in the way of Michelangelo, Rodin and Bourdelle."

Leon Bronstein, International Sculptor,
Director of Old City Caesarea Gallery

3 HaTa'arucha St.
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Thursday, May 25, 18:00


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